Cyber AI

Our Cyber AI Service analyses data and implements proper algorithms to solve AI problems. To achieve this goal, we use Machine Learning engines based on Java and Python and libraries, such as Weka or Scikit-learn.

In the first step, we recognize the problem; then, we design a suitable solution and algorithm to solve it. Gathering and pre-processing of data (cleansing, integration, transformation, dimensionally reduction, and discretization of data) have been done with various tools and solutions.

In the next step, we choose a learning model based on data characteristics and our problem. This selected algorithm can be in supervised algorithms (Decision tree, neural networks, support vector machine, regression, and …) or unsupervised algorithms (neural networks, K-means, Fuzzy Logic, and …) category.

The result of the data analysis will be demonstrated in charts, graphs and, management dashboards or recommended systems,

; thus, they can improve their decision makings.