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Due to print industry advancement in the country and printing houses’ movement from traditional systems towards modern systems with the aim of optimizing efficiency and reaching maximum profit, the need for a software infrastructure to organize production processes has considerably increased in this industry.

Cyber Print product is designed to create competitive advantage in the market of print industry. The most significant competitive indicators include:

  • Various orders management
  • On-time and high-quality order delivery
  • Exact estimation of order cost
  • Total cost management for orders
  • Production waste reduction

Cyber Print is the key tool for managers to create competitive advantage in print industry.

نرم افزار مدیریت چاپخانه
نرم افزار مدیریت چاپخانه

Cyber Print Solution regarding price estimation for an order

Cyber Print software enables the sales department to have instant general information about the whole system, inventories, devices, and etc. so they could have a precise quick estimation about the goods price and provide their customers with prices easily. Besides, they can give more accurate information regarding delivery time and have higher customers’ satisfaction thanks to an easy access to the required information.

  • Exact and fast estimation of paper use considering the work type
  • Exact and fast estimation of zinc use according to the machine and coloring
  • Exact and fast estimation of actual cost based on print tariff
  • Exact estimation of delivery time to deal with the customer (being instantly and appropriately informed about the condition of printing machines, order, breakdowns, shut-downs, and vacant capacities).

Cyber Print Solution regarding the management of a large number of orders and immediate orders

A large number of orders and the management of an order’s different stages (from receipt to delivery) are considered as some of the most important challenges of Print Industry. Parallel advancement of orders and gathering information regarding each order’s status at any moment are some of the points which are of high significance for printing houses. Cyber Print software considers each one of printing orders as a project; then, production section initiates pre-print process based on software information and print section starts producing according to the registered circulation and other order information.

  • Issuing sale invoice quickly based on the usable materials for the order and operation
  • Issuing sale invoice based on the actual usage of paper, paper type, work circulation, and printing and binding type
  • Following up print order status in the printing house
  • Following up work delivery status for the customer
  • Following up customer’s payment or settlement status

Production and Print Domain

Using Cyber Print is the main solution to meet some challenges, such as planning and prioritizing orders and print machineries, referring to production units, controlling usable materials, controlling wastes in huge modern printing houses.

  • Prioritizing works and planning for the machineries with the least time and material waste
  • Changing work plans based on customer’s request or other common reasons (change of circulation, paper type, printing or binding type)
  • Controlling paper and other materials use precisely for each order
  • Controlling wastes: printing straw, ruins, and etc
  • Identifying actual cost accurately and calculating the profit of each order

Inventory and Warehouse Domain

Using the embedded integrated system in Cyber Print solution provides the inventory information to different units and departments on-line. Managers and sales officials in printing companies can definitely make decisions more easily thanks to the accurate available information about inventories, materials stock, and ready orders for delivery.

  • Exact information about paper and other materials stock
  • Information about customers’ paper stock in the warehouses and recording the customers’ accounts in printing house
  • Information about paper and zinc and other consignments with foreign contractors
نرم افزار مدیریت چاپخانه
نرم افزار مدیریت چاپخانه

Financial Domain

System integrity in all subsystems and accurate connections of different subsystems (i.e. financial, inventory, production, sales, and etc.) enables the users to register each data only once in the system. This decreases the possibility of inserting inaccurate data in the system and prevents from any discrepancies in financial documents and other reports.

  • Automatic issue of the documents related to all financial events
  • Cash/funds instant management
  • Business partners’ receipts and payments management
  • Instant and up-dated financial statements

Contractors’ Domain

Production units in print industry (including production, packaging, usable material preparation, and etc) interact with foreign contractors in different fields.

Gathering the contractors’ information in a concentrated format and following their status requires a thorough system connected to the other units.

Cyber Print software with a strong management of contractors’ activities provides the following capabilities:

  • Issuing work order for foreign contractors based on the received orders at appropriate time
  • Proper planning for the works related to contractor (zinc and film preparation, binging to glue, weighing, packaging, and etc)
  • Informing about in-progress contractors’ works with the aim of following-up
  • Informing about contractor’s settlement

Top Managers’ Domain

Identifying top managers’ requirements in print industry, this product provides the managers with some reports known as management dashboards which enable the managers to view and analyze production, sales, material use, orders, and financial turn over instantly. Among the many capabilities of this software, the following ones could be referred to:

  • Accurate and instant evaluation and control of the company’s financial status
  • Information about costs, incomes, coming funds and cash, financial obligations
  • Identification of profitable customers, access to customers’ performance history
  • Identification and comparison of profits in orders with different types of work
  • Analysis of paper consumption in different time periods
  • Print machineries function comparison based on the printed circulation

The successful experience of implementing this software in great printing centers in the country is an honor which guarantees the high quality of Cyber Print. The greatest private printing houses, such s Off Set Co. (the largest middle-east printing house), Ravagh Print (the biggest private printing house of the country), Mellat Bank Print are some of Raydana Company’s customers in print industry; Raydana is honored to implement and deliver the software successfully.

نرم افزار مدیریت چاپخانه