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(EPC) project production solution

Cyber ERP-centered project planning module is useful for the organizations which have project production and work groups for each project based on the allocated available capacity.

The capacity of these work groups is totally managed automatically and based on the least unemployment time and planned by software.

Using this software, production managers can produce various structures from BOM; and simultaneously, they can allocate the resources to the organization projects optimally.

نرم افزار کنترل تولید
نرم افزار کنترل تولید

Advantages of EPC Module

  • Possibility to define and manage various O.M.s with BOM structure for products in different production scales.
  • Supporting prerequisite and post-requisite relationships in operation trends.
  • Possibility to define and manage different existing resource categories in production site including human resources, machineries, stands, and … .
  • Possibility to manage planning in three levels: massive program, mid-term plan, and daily plan for workshop.
  • Project-centered production planning with the use of an appropriate combination of existing resource category and their capacities in workshops and extracting daily work sheets and description of required materials with Whatif planning capability.
  • Providing Gant production based on resource category.
  • Controlling production and its time sheet.
  • Integrated connection to inventory system to receive and send materials and semi-made and final products.