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Raydana engineering company was founded in 2000 with the purpose of creating modern integrated organizational systems. The eagerness and motivation to improve IT (Information Technology) beyond a complete software system resulted in developing software based on web and a localized style so that managers and users could advance their business anytime and anywhere.

High responsibility and being customer-orientated are the two main principles in this company to develop its performance. Obtaining the permission from the High Informatics Council, this Company has managed to gain a special position in the audit of this council to produce specially customized software in IT industry. During its life time, the experience of cooperating with over 40 governmental and private companies with the aim of providing solutions to improve resources and potentials of organizations and the efforts of more than 280 graduates all from highly-ranked national and international universities, such as Sharif Industrial University, Tehran University, Amir Kabir University, Leeds, York, Calgary, UCLA, and Cyber ERP, have led Raydana Co. to succeed in registering the first ERP knowledge-based product as its own. Raydana Co. mainly counts on its highly specialized and efficient human resource to provide services and products in IT industry.

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