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Is it difficult and time-consuming to analyze campaign effectiveness? Does it seem hard and impossible to figure out products sale processes and regions from traditional reports? Is it easily possible for you to predict future sales based on statistical models, such as regression, time series, and etc.?

What is a management dashboard or Business Intelligence? 

Reaching a precise, accurate, and on-time image of the organization is a demanding challenging task since processing the saved information in the information bank of the organization is very time-consuming and risky for errors. According to the world’s statistics, each manager spends approximately 2.5 hours on getting the information, half of which doesn’t suit him. As a result, managers don’t have access to sufficient information at the proper time. In this condition, the decision-making process usually occurs based on unreliable information in most organizational levels.

BI is a tool for making decisions which convert the on-line information dashboards into a device for identifying issues, procedures, and opportunities with receiving the reports and information analysis of the different units. It is a device to have quick access to information about various subjects. Using the technical tools and powerful analysis, this system changes the scattered raw data into classified data, useful and efficient information which is quite vital for the managers’ decision-making.

What aims does BI follow?

  • It helps decision-makers make better decisions by providing experience and analysis tools
  • It contributes to identifying the current procedures.
  • It provides the possibility to take care of the customers and other sections.
  • It provides a great help in predicting the future behavior of the customer and market demands.
  • It assists in registering correct information indirectly.
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How can we build our business management dashboard?

Each organization requires different indicators, analysis, reports, and statistics based on its special conditions. Combining this analysis correctly can prepare efficient, precise, and instant dashboards for all resources and conditions.

In Raydana Co., not only can we provide over 600 types of information analysis to your organization, but we can also teach you how to build our special analysis and reports.

After training, the user can make new suitable analytical reports individually and without any help. With a change in the conditions of the organization, the present dashboards could be modified according to the conditions. This can lead to better decision-making in the organization.

In the training classes of dashboard designing, all the steps including indicators’ recognition, targets of different reports, relations between indicators, reports making standards templates, etc. are trained practically and thoroughly.

Key Advantages:

  • Access to clear information regarding efficiency and performance of different units in the organization, from the highest to the lowest levels of the organization
  • Professional dashboards with fast data perception
  • Unifying the attitude of the organization regarding the status of different units
  • Viewing the information from whole to part and from different perspectives
  • Accurate and on-time exploitation of the required information from a mass of data
  • Being informed about the rate of change in the main indicators of performance evaluation and their fluctuations in the course of time, such as sales rate, raw materials consumption rate, standard inventory rate, actual cost, human resources indicators, etc.
  • Easy access via mobile phones and tablets 24 hours a day.