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Pension funds subsystem has been created to meet the pension funds requirements, such as calculation, establishment, pension payment, welfare services, records of pensioners and employees’ history (the participants of the funds). The features of this system are as explained in below:

Pension funds system features (pensioners’ management):

  • Possibility to register personal information, contact information, educational degrees and certificates, information related to pensioner, veterans and sacrifice, and … .
  • Possibility to save, maintain, and download pensioner’s information as a file or in any other format.
  • Capability to pay pension to pensioner and dependent survivor with an identity totally different from pensioner.
  • Transfer of pension, debt, or remaining demands from pensioner to dependent survivor.
  • Possibility to register any kind of command or rule related to the last two or five years of pensioner’s service with a capability to define formula for any kind of rule.
  • Possibility to register pensioner’s length of service information
  • Calculation of retirement sentence based on the average last two or five years of pensioner’s service.
  • Possibility to register any kind of debts (defining the type of debt) and get an installment for the pensioner.
  • Possibility to register free payments and demands for each pensioner.
  • Possibility to register any kind of loan for pensioner.
  • Possibility to display pensioner’s salary receipt on pensioners’ portal.
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Features of employees’ management system (Funds members)

  • Possibility to register and edit employees’ information
  • Possibility to upload monthly rules for retired people
  • Calculation of deductions from monthly rules for retired people
  • Possibility to collect retired people’s deductions for each work place in each legal period
  • Possibility to register debt and consider payments on installments for employees
  • Possibility to keep pensioner’s 30-year rules and calculate the pension after retirement announcement based on the information registered during the employment
  • Possibility to transfer pensioner’s experience and history from the other funds to this one
  • Possibility to calculate the value of the transferred years of service and its difference in addition to registering the debt with installments for paying the transferred years of service difference
  • Possibility to transfer the history from this fund to the other funds

Possibility for employee’s history records recovery

This system has been implemented in two of the large pension funds of the country, Steel Employment Support and Pension Fund and Bank Employment Pension Fund.

Solutions provided to Steel Employment Support and Pension Fund:

  • Creating a condition to keep the record of pensioners’ information in a centralized format (In the previous system, information was recorded in island format, and separate information was recorded for each monthly payment).
  • Calculating salaries in less than 10 minutes (In the previous system, the process of preparing data for salary calculation took more than three days).
  • Possibility to register pensioners’ debts in all the country’s cooperatives on-line (This was not possible in the previous system).
  • Creating set of debts and claims (over 100 thousand monthly records for pensioners by the user in a short time and evaluating and registering the information by the system), (This was not possible in the previous system).
  • Possibility to calculate pensioner’s payment systematically based on Steel implemented rules and regulations changeable by the user.

Possibility to display receipts tp pensioners via portal (Pensioners used to representatives to receive the pension receipts).

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Solutions provided to Bank Employment Pension Fund:

  • Integrating island information which is separately recorded in two different systems and databases in each organization.
  • Implementing all banking system and civil services rules for the 11 shared banks in the funds (some of the rules were implemented in the EXCEL file of pension calculation).
  • Establishing pensions from banks systematically and calculating and providing discrepancies automatically (In the previous system, rules were submitted to the banks on paper; and after calculating the pension by hand in EXCEL file, it was returned to the bank if there was any discrepancy).
  • Possibility to upload employees’ monthly rules and calculate deduction systematically (This was not possible in the previous system and bank used to pay a general amount of money as employees’ deductions on which the funds could have no control).
  • Updating all pensioners and employees’ information systematically with all 11 banks.