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In the last decade, almost all banks and financial/credit institutions of the country benefitted from headquarter systems which had personnel, employment, rulings, salaries, inventories, and assets capabilities. Nowadays however, banking collections requirements regarding organizational resources management, especially human resources, have incredibly increased; as a result, there a serious need for an integrated system with some capabilities beyond the previous ones. Cyber Bank software is a copy of Cyber ERP software which has managed to identify management challenges of banks and financial/credit institutions and provide a thorough solution for a wide range of challenges.

High geographical dispersion and a very large number of branches

Collection and centralization of branch information, personnel transfer between branches, insurance, tax, and salaries information transfer, efficient and organized communication among different bank branches, and etc are just some of the challenges which have high costs for banks. Cyber Bank is a serious solution for the following challenges:

  • The support of several companies and many branches’ organizational charts
  • The system’s individual function in different branches and information collection in the top layer (management of branches)
  • Easy personnel transfer from one branch to another
  • Transfer of personnel files, rulings, positions, and etc.
  • The operation related to insurance and tax diskette

Training and evaluation of human capital

Cyber Bank can hold training courses before and during service and supervise the trainings and analyze the results; this provides a possibility to define different personnel evaluation patterns and performing the evaluation in the system.

  • Possibility to define training plans for different jobs and positions in the organization
  • Possibility to define various training courses, supervising on their quality and quantity, personnel’s’ attendance and participation in the courses, and the scores and results
  • Insert of the training results in the personnel’s’ file
  • Possibility of creating various indicators for evaluation and performance analysis and review
  • Possibility to influence the employees’ salaries according to their evaluation results (payment based on performance)
  • Possibility to connect performance evaluation system to perks and facilities prioritization system
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Perks and facilities

Optimal and fair distribution of facilities and perks plays a key role in employees’ satisfaction and motivation in an organization. Cyber Bank provides this possibility to manage the perks and facilities fairly and efficiently.

  • Possibility to register different amusement, touristy, sports, and entertaining complexes which have a contract with the organization.
  • Possibility to prioritize and define the capacities related to using perks and facilities
  • Separating “loan” from the other facilities since it is considered as one of the most useful and significant items in the welfare system
  • Possibility to create various indicators in facilities priorities, such as employees’ evaluation results
  • Possibility to have on-line requests via personnel’s Self Service System (following up the request and view its administrative procedures without going there in person and physically)


Island performance of different systems in an organization is one of the most common problems for IT managers. This causes lack of different systems connections or lack of an effective interaction among these systems, rework and information transfer from one system to another again or even giving the same data to the system several times.

In banks, not only is there a need for integrated salaries, personnel systems, and … , but these systems, especially salaries  also need to be integrated with Core Banking system. Since Raydana Co. is one of the members of Tousan IT Investors Holding (provider of Cyber Banking systems) and is one of their business partners, Cyber Bank software can also be connected to the banks systems which use Tousan software consistently and send or receive information from Core Banking system.

  • As the system is thorough and the offered modules have high variety, each data is inserted in the system only once, and the information of the different parts is relevantly linked to each other by the software itself.
  • As there is a change in any of the inserted data in one section, the relevant information in the other sections is updated automatically.
  • There is this possibility to be connected to Core Banking system and the other existing systems in electronic banking consistently and completely.
  • All the salaries and payments for the personnel could be directly paid via connections to Core Banking system.

Personnel services

This module, which is in fact an important part of Cyber Bank system, has the following capabilities:

  • Viewing and analyzing the personnel’s information (salary receipts, leave balance, training courses results, …)
  • Possibility to edit personnel’s information (with an option to view the changes by the manager of the system)
  • Providing requests and following them up on-line (leave and business trip request, training courses registration, loan or other perks and facilities request, and … )
  • Managers’ access to the information and their own personnel’s request to analyze and possibly confirm them.

The experience of customization and successful implementation in banking sectors

Raydana Co. is honored to customize and implement ERP for banking sectors successfully. Eghtesad-Novin bank is a good example for the successful implementation of this software. Thanks to these implementations, Raydana specialists have become familiar with these processes literature and banking business; as a result, Cyber Bank product is developed more adaptive with the requirements of a bank.

Production and provision of periodic and instant reports

Cyber Bank offers a chance to collect the information related to different sections of an organization and provide the data as management meaningful reports.

  • The existence of a large number of prepared useful reports in BI system known as management dashboards
  • Possibility to add the required reports so as to provide them to other references (the periodic banks’ human resources reports for the Central Bank)

Cyber Bank is one of the few solutions used in the banking industry of the country which has managed to meet the requirements of this magnificent industry; it is also a strong device to manage banking headquarters and financial institutions more efficiently.

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