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In the recent years, a rise in the market competition and business dynamics has made economic organizations change their traditional structures and convert into dynamic and fast structures; in addition to that, they have been encouraged to benefit from new IT tools and technologies in management, operational, and logistic levels. The most important mind obsession of organizations in using information systems are in below:

  • Exact recognition of the present and future requirements of the organization (considering the strategic targets of the organization)
  • Prioritizing information systems requirements
  • Appropriate infrastructure for information systems implementation (hardware-network-technology)
  • Integration or replacement of the previous and new systems
  • Prevention from island growth of information systems in the organization

Raydana Co. distinguishes and analyzes the requirements of the organization thanks to its highly-experienced analytic specialists; it also provides appropriate solutions in regard with the organization integrity and pace based on its needs and targets.

The benefits of analysis and consultancy for the organizations are as follows:

  • Speeding the organization integrity
  • More adaptation between the requirements and ERP system
  • Increase of the quality of the system delivered to the customer

Increase of customers’ satisfaction

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